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South Beach Maintenance II

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1.Maintain a thorough knowledge of South Beach Marina facilities, vehicles, boats, and equipment as they relate to day-to-day operations.

2.Operate Port vehicles, boats, and equipment in compliance with OSHA standards. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, forklifts, lifting hoists, and skiffs.

3.Follow safety regulations as established by Port policy and report violations of those regulations

4.Responsibilities at South Beach Marina require availability during working hours for contact by VHF radio. Must be able to use VHF radio in compliance with FCC standards. (Regulations available upon request.

5.Must have knowledge and understanding of Port policies, ordinances, and resolutions, as needed for purposes of Operations.

6.Must have an understanding of South Beach Marina rates and charges related to moorage, RV park, and services.

7.Understand and be able to operate bilge pump for emergency boat pumping.

8.Operations duties, including routine custodial, maintenance, and repair to ensure clean and safe facilities.

  • Disinfect and clean public restrooms.
  • Collect Dumpsters.
  • Separate cardboard.
  • Clean garbage compounds, empty recycle boxes.
  • Repair water leaks and assist with electrical repairs.
  • Dump waste oil.
  • Replace lights as needed.
  • Pump vessels as needed.
  • Assist with dock repairs.
  • Keep equipment clean and greased as needed.
  • Assist in routine maintenance of facilities, i.e., painting, assisting Maintenance/Operations crew as needed.

9.Maintain daily contact with direct supervisor and South Beach office staff, to ensure smooth operations of the facility.

10.Must be able to work with a minimum of supervision.

11.Maintain a flexible work schedule to accommodate peak season demands, special events, severe weather conditions, etc. (Example: Labor Day weekend, Exhibition Hall events.)

12.Other duties and special projects as assigned.